UCF Space Administration

Space Administration

Space Administration facilitates the University’s space request and allocation process, maintains an accurate space inventory for internal and external reporting purposes, and provides analyses and information that support the instructional, research, and administrative space needs of the University and its respective colleges and divisions. Space Administration works closely with UCF Facilities and Safety, Office of Research and the Registrar’s Office.

Space Administration Planning materials
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General Responsibilities

The Space Administration office serves as liaison for space needs between the University’s Academic Affairs Division—which is responsible for matters regarding instruction and research, encompassing colleges and other academic units, as well as the vice-presidential divisions of Student Development and Enrollment Services (SDES), Office of Research (OR), and Medical Affairs; e.g., the College of Medicine. These divisions account for well over half the space needs of the University—including classrooms and teaching labs, research labs, faculty and staff offices, auditoriums and performance spaces.

Beyond these units and other, more purely administrative divisions, Space Administration’s official responsibility is to maintain detailed awareness of all University spaces and their assignments, both for instruction, research and otherwise; keep current and accurate records regarding UCF’s overall space inventory, as required by the Board of Governors of the State University System (SUS); represent the University on SUS teams for regularly scheduled Educational Plant Surveys (inventory validations and space needs assessments) on campuses throughout the system.

In addition to such system-wide responsibilities, Space Administration works closely with UCF’s Facilities and Safety group within the Administration and Finance division to oversee space projects at the University, in regards to requesting, planning, constructing, maintaining and, where necessary, upgrading the University’s physical facilities, especially buildings.